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Autism Law Enforcement & First Responder Training Video and Toolkit

This 30-minute video includes information about autism to educate and inform various first responder groups who may encounter individuals with autism in their community. The Autism Society of Central Texas worked with the Williamson County EMS, Round Rock Fire Department, Austin Fire Department, Smithville Police Department, Red Media Group, Chester Security Group, In-Focus Video, and local teens and young adults with autism to make the training video. It is recommended to show this video and then use the National Autism Association (NAA) Big Red Safety Toolkit to further educate law enforcement officers and first responders about autism.

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Bullying and Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

After viewing this webinar, participants will be able to 1) define bullying, 2) explain the social-ecological model of bullying, 3) identify resources for dealing with bullying, and 4) locate research on bullying and students with ASD.

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Sexuality for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Workshop #SP1736763

Adolescence is often a difficult time for children and families, and may be particularly challenging for those with developmental disabilities. This presentation provides an overview of the specific challenges present during puberty and adolescence, with safety and sexuality.

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Working With and Supporting Paraprofessionals in the Special Education Classroom

Workshop #FA1636020

In this course, Dr. Robert Pennington from The University of Louisville will take learners through the ins and outs of working with paraprofessionals in the classroom. This course covers the following 5 modules: Roles and Responsibilities, Planning, Training, Inclusive Settings, and Building Relationships

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