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Texas Autism Resource Guide for Effective Teaching

TARGET assists schools in developing practices from initial referral to program development and implementation with a strong emphasis on research-based and peer-reviewed strategies.


Explore our library of evaluation measures and the research that supports their use for individuals with autism.

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Browse interventions and the evidence-base that supports their use with individuals with autism.

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Practical and in-depth information related to the evaluation and education of individuals with autism.

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Welcome to TARGET

TARGET provides a single access point for information relating to evaluating and teaching students with autism. No matter what your role, there is something useful for you here.

Evaluations Library

Thoughtful, considered evaluation is the basis of a high-quality intervention program. Use our library of evaluations to:

  • provide your ARD committee with information regarding evaluation measures and the research that supports their use with individuals with autism;
  • help education professionals (who have the required experience and training to administer these instruments) design a high-quality evaluation that matches the skills and needs of the students they are evaluating; and 
  • improve the understanding of all ARD committee members, including parents, of the information provided about the student by a chosen evaluation instrument.

Evaluations Categories

Interventions Library

Identifying and implementing appropriate and effective evidence-based practices (EBPs) are both best practice and required by law for persons working with individuals with autism. Practitioners (educators, families, and other professionals) can search our library of interventions to:

  • find the evidence-base that supports the use of a practice with individuals with autism and
  • discover practical information for each intervention including descriptions and steps for implementation.

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